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Our Story

Bob and Patty Morgan, Veneer Factory Outlet.com 

Hello, I’m Bob Morgan, the founder of Bob Morgan Woodworking Supplies and the Veneer Factory Outlet.com   Here is my story.  Not just my story, but "our" story.  The story of Bob and Patty Morgan.

 In 1974, I was working at a job that I didn’t like.   I would come home after work and I would head directly to my woodworking shop in the basement.

I dreamed of starting my own wood business. 

Patty and I started making plans, talking things over, and gathering  ideas!  

Now,- plans are one thing, but finances are another.

To hedge my bets and to acquire some seed money, I started selling wood veneers as a part time venture, selling by mail order. I worked my day job and I tended my fledgling wood veneer business at night. Patty helped with the office work.

Those were exciting times!

Patty was the best helpmate I could have ever wanted.  What a journey it has been! She is still at my side. I couldn’t have done it without her. We were, and are, a team.

Here is the true story of how I finally mustered the courage to give my 2 week notice to my boss. I was home from work for lunch. By now, our part time mail order veneer business was gaining momentum.

I finished my lunch.  I looked up at Patty and I said “I think we can make a go of it. I just need to quit my job and do it.” She said “OK, let’s sell the house and go into business!”

And that is exactly what we did. Before I went back to work, I stopped at the hardware store. I purchased a “for sale” sign and we planted the sign in our front yard.

And then, I went back to work and gave my boss my 2 week notice. That’s how Bob Morgan Woodworking Supplies and the Veneer Factory Outlet.com were born.

Oh! Patty was pregnant and we had a 3 year old baby girl named Suzanne. We sold our little 3 bedroom Cape Cod and we moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. We lived on a shoestring, but we were happy.

We rented a tiny warehouse and we moved our wood veneer business into it. Patty and I worked in the warehouse while our 3 yr. old played in a playpen. We wrestled with huge crates of veneer, even as my wife was 8 months pregnant.  

I can still see her in that warehouse struggling with those crates. I would grab one end  and she grabbed the other. Her pregnant watermelon belly got in the way! That’s just exactly how it happened. (The watermelon finally hatched. His name is Stephen).

5 years later, Matthew was born. It was time to buy a house.  Instead, we moved into a 3 bedroom apartment and bought a building.

The rest is history. The business grew and grew and we worked and worked and we haven’t quit working. I don’t think we ever will.

Our company has a reputation.   We have been featured in magazines, television shows, newsletters, and newspapers. Our veneers are in governors’ mansions, museums, high end restoration projects and an oil shiek’s airplane. But what we love most of all is selling to the small shops and the home woodworkers. That’s what we really love.

Now you know a little bit about our story here at the Veneer Factory Outlet.com   They keep telling me to slow down, but I never will.

Bob Morgan