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Rift White Oak Veneer Sheets, Sequence Matched How To Order Sequence Matched Sheets Of Rift White Oak Veneer

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Hi Bob Morgan,

I've placed previous orders with you and been very pleased  I'm now trying to do a run of white oak veneer (preferably rift cut) wrapped over a beam. It's a total of about 35 foot run (423 inches).   Is it possible to longer than 8 foot lengths, or to sequence match along the length (for multiple lengths)?

Here's the product that I'm leaning towards, yet with customization as described above:   https://www.veneer-factory-outlet.com/rift-white-oak-veneer-sheets-savings/

Looking forward to hearing from you, Charles


Hi  Charles,

Yes, we can make sequence matched sheets of the rift white oak veneer.   This would be a custom order and I would have to quote this to you.

The least expensive way to go would be the 4’ x 8’ sheets of the rift white oak veneer.

If you would like a quote on the sequence matched sheets, let me know and I will get you a quote.  I will need to know:


        Paper backed or wood backed?

        With or without PSA peel and stick adhesive?


Bob Morgan, pres.



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