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Gluing wood veneer with heat activated PVA glue. Gluing 3/64"thick 2 ply wood veneer with heat activated PVA glue and a home iron.

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Q. I'm interested in the 3/64ths thick with wood backer in cherry face cut. Can I use wood glue on the backside of the veneer as well as the wood substrate. I would let both surfaces dry, then bond the veneer to the substrate with home iron heat. I've successfully used this process before and want to know if this will work with your product. I have not used the process on a 3/64th wood-backed veneer. Also, I'm interested in the size of the material. I need either sheets of 2ft x 8ft - color matching; or two sheets of 4ft x 8ft and one sheet 2ft x 8ft - all sheets matching color. Looking forward to hearing from you. Eager to get started. Thank you, Roger Wulff.

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A. Hi Roger,
Thank you for your email. Your method of using heat with an iron to activate and bond a PVA glue, if done carefully, can bond the 3/64" thick 2 ply veneer, yes. The trick is to get the proper amount of heat transferred through the 2 ply wood backed veneer, without scorching the veneer surface. The process is much more amenable to the paper backed veneer, which is thinner and much easier to get the heat to transfer through the wood veneer to the glue bond. Before you try thisusing with the3/64" 2 ply veneer, I suggest that you run several experiments. It is a tricky process. Getting the right heat and accomplishing the heat transfer through the 3/64" thickness can be challenging. If you are looking for matching sheets 24" x 96", you can accomplish this if yA.ou purchase one sheet of the 48" x 96" veneer. cut it down lengthwise - and you will get your identically matching sheets. If you need 3 sheets, 24" x 96" to be identical matches, this will incur additional effort on our part. There will be an extra charge for this, and I can quote you a price for this if you prefer. Regards, Bob Morgan

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