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Cabinet Refacing. Using Peel And Stick Wood Veneers For Cabinet Refacing

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Cabinet refacing using peel and stick wood veneers is quick, easy and foolproof.  You get professional results with very little work and not much investment in time or money. The transformation from old to new is astonishing.  There's no mystery and you don't need any experience. 

Step 1. Clean your surfaces.  If you have dings or dents, fill them with Bondo or wood dough and sand them smooth. 

Step 2. Paint or varnish your surfaces. (Varnish is best).  This provides a good base for the peel and stick veneer to stick to.  Let dry and scuff sand a little bit.

Step 3. Apply your peel and stick veneer.  If possible, apply it over sized and then trim for an exact fit.  For inset areas, cut to exact size and position carefully.  Note: The peel and stick veneers can be cut with a scissors or a razor knife.

Step 4. Apply a finish.  This may take 2 or more coats. Sand between coats.

Here's a link with videos, tutorials, FAQ on peel and stick veneers and how to buy them, apply them, finish them and use them.  


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